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Who We Are

The SFU Entrepreneur of the Year (SEY) program is one of Enactus SFU’s signature entrepreneurial initiatives, which is inclusive to all areas of discipline within the university. We started in 2008 as a program under Enactus SFU (formerly SIFE Simon Fraser), a global student-run organization that focuses on social, environmental, and economic needs through community projects. Now, we are one of the signature programs of Enactus SFU.

We foster learning and entrepreneurial excellence by working with local entrepreneurs, university students, and business professionals to create opportunities for future success.

Our goal is to help existing student entrepreneurs expand their networks and help them secure resources to further their businesses. We achieve this through our Annual SEY Competition where student entrepreneurs showcase their start-ups in a Dragons Den-style competition to the local entrepreneurship community.

Competition Details

After completing two online preliminary rounds, eight semi-finalist teams will be chosen to compete on the day of the competition, January 23, 2016. Each semi-finalist will have 7 minutes to present their venture to a panel of local entrepreneurs, followed by a 13 minute Q&A session.

Of these eight teams, three will advance to the final round, where the audience will have the opportunity to watch the presentations and observe who will become the next SFU Entrepreneur of the Year!

This year, the competition structure and important dates are as follows:

Round One: Online Applications, November 1-29

Round Two: Pitch Decks, December 14-27

Pitching Workshop (for Top 8), January 16

Semi-Final Round: Pitch and Q&A, January 23

Final Round: Pitch and Q&A, January 23

The Annual Competition will take place on Saturday, 23 January 2016 at SFU's Surrey Campus.

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  • Discovering Entrepreneurs
  • Fostering Relationships
  • Providing Resources
  • Establishing a Community

Organizing Committee

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Samuel Anderson

Program Manager
Samuel appreciates entrepreneurship and innovation because of its ability to improve the livelihoods of people and communities around the world. At the moment, he is most interested in autonomous vehicles because of their disruptive capacity.
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Internal Manager
Raisa has always been interested in entrepreneurship, particularly the way it can help make an impact within one’s community. With entrepreneurship comes innovation, and with innovation comes a vision. She hopes to build her vision as she journeys towards her degree here at SFU Beedie.
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External Manager
When Gurbishan thinks of entrepreneurship, he thinks of creative and innovative ideas. As a result, he joined SFU Entrepreneur of the Year to gain valuable entrepreneurial experience and the opportunity to connect with SFU’s upcoming entrepreneurs.
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External Manager
One entrepreneurial fact about Shayla is that she started her own candy business in May 2015. She was inspired to start this company because she wanted to do something outside of her education and job as an event planner, and starting her own business has been her goal since she was young!
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Kevin Tseng

Marketing Manager
Kevin is really excited about being part of the SEY Organizing Committee because he thinks it is a place where ideas come to life. One day, he would like to start his own business in relation to technologies that will make everyday life more convenient.
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Carmen Li

Brand Manager
Carmen’s had the opportunity take charge in designing the marketing materials for the annual competition. Aside from her duties as brand manager, Carmen enjoys drinking bubble tea, discovering new coffee shops, and all DIY crafty activities!
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Angela Sibia

Community Manager
To Angela, entrepreneurship means taking risks with passion and creativity; making what was once a vision, into a reality. When not coming up with the next greatest invention, Angela finds herself at the nearest cafe planning her dream vacation to the Mediterranean.
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Seerat Kalra

Community Manager
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Talwinder Rana

Community Manager

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